• Here are the easy steps to join a class:

    1. We are at one location per day. Check out our schedule for our weekly set of class times + locations.  You can also click here for today’s exact location. By the way, next week’s schedule is posted every Friday.
    2. Once you see a location that works for you, sign up or sign in  to book your cushion! Don’t worry – if you book a day or more in advance you’ll receive an email at least an hour before your class with our exact location for the day. Plus, you can always check here to find us. We also take walk-in’s! Create an account and come join us!
    3. Step in and take some Be Time! Disconnect and reconnect as you practice meditation in an urban sanctuary with aromatherapy+chromotherapy+ weighted blankets as an extra dose of self-care.
    4. Step back out in a different mindset, grateful for taking some time to reconnect.
  • Be Time offers simple, accessible guided meditation practices for all levels of expertise. Because there are different meditation techniques (ex: mindfulness, mantra repetition, creative visualization), we have designed our classes to offer a thematic focus that derives from them. That way, you can choose from what you think would best serve you on any given day while also experiencing different techniques and exploring how they work for you. You might find a favorite!
  • Open Space is a time where there are no instructors or formal class so you can step in and do your own thing! You are welcome to stay whatever amount of time you like up to 45 minutes. You can expect soft, calming background music, the same settings as in class (aromatherapy+weighted blankets+chromotherapy) and you can either self-practice or bring your headphones and follow a guided meditation from your favorite app. We know its not always easy to find a safe, peaceful space to practice during the day – we’ve got you covered.
  • A single 30 minute class is $22 and a “quick reset” 15 minute class is $11.  We believe in healthy habits, so check out our packages and student, senior and newbie options for discounted rates.
  • 30 or 15 minute meditation classes in a peaceful, cozy and inspiring environment.  It’s a guided practice led by our knowledgable teachers. Our goal is for the newbie and the expert to feel like they belong. It is up to you to get what you want from the class – stick to what fits your style or step out of your comfort zone and explore. Come with an open mind and let your breath lead the way.
  • You walk into the mobile studio and your coats, shoes and personal belongings are settled on the hangers and cubbies (each cubby has a phone charger so we invite you to bring your charging cable and recharge while you disconnect). All electronics are powered off or set on silent as you start to take this Time to just Be. With the help of your instructor you then find your cushion, use your weighted lap blanket for and extra dose of calm (optional but totally recommended!), settle in and are guided through your session. Post meditation the teacher will be available for any questions you may have. You mindfully take your belongings and step back out in a different mindset, grateful for taking some time to reconnect.
  • Not at all. While our seating is based on meditation cushions we also provide different seating options (backpacks, chairs, stools). We want you to be comfortable. Feel free to ask your instructor for any particular seating need or write us an email prior to your class and we will make sure your space is set up for you:
  • A key practice of meditation is noticing your mind activity, noticing how it wonders. The cusp of meditation occurs in every moment you notice your thoughts and bring yourself back to your breath or anchor technique. This happens over and over. Some days our minds might be quieter, sometimes they’ll be super active. The practice of meditation is to just notice this without judgement and take another breath. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through it. Simply trust the process and let yourself Be.
  • Yes we are! Think of it as a mobile meditation studio. The bus is at a complete standstill during all classes. The wheels simply come into play in order to cater to a city wide group of individuals with a vast array of class time slots. The mobile studio changes locations on a daily basis. You move, we move. Check out our schedule to see where we are at.
  • We sure will and hope you can join in. Workshops will vary in topic from mindfulness and meditation to healthy living. We urge you to hop in for some mindful inspiration once we are set up.
  • Just Be you! We provide different seating options for your comfort. So come as you are.
  • Of course, you are always welcome. Simply create an account (if you don’t have one already) and come on board! Just be mindful there´s a chance the class is full. If so, we hope you join us for the next one. You can find our schedule here.
  • We do offer private classes! Just contact us at