Mobile Meditation

Recognized by Refinery 29, ABC, CNBC, Yoga Journal, Bloomberg and Interior Design for its unparalleled approach to meditation.

The heart of the brand sits with its much buzzed -about mobile studio which navigates the streets of NYC bringing a moment of peace to corporate offices, schools, festivals and brand activations.

Our one-of-a-kind Mobile Studio seeks to offer an all-encompassing multi-sensory experience. Our serene yet transformative environment allows you to breathe deep and silence the mind. The bus elevates your from the pavement and exports you to an urban escape. Once you step in, the noise and chatter of the city fade.

BEtime explores the streets of Manhattan, stopping at different client locations throughout the day and making it more convenient for people to get some “BEtime”: a Time to just BE. The bus can be at any locations on a daily basis. You move, we move.

The perfect spot for a silent mind.

Perfect for:
- Corporate Meditation Programs
- Wellness Retreats
- Brand Activations
- Festivals


We mix and match our offerings (mobile studio + in-house), creating packages that cater to your company’s needs and experiences.