Mobile Meditation Studio

Our one-of-a-kind Mobile Studio seeks to offer an all-encompassing multi-sensory experience.

Our serene yet transformative environment allows you to breathe deep and silence the mind. The bus elevates your from the pavement and exports you to an urban escape. Once you step in, the noise and chatter of the city fade.  

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In-House Experiences

The BEtime team comes to your location and transcends one of your spaces into a multi-sensory meditation retreat. In and out in a hour.

Perfect for clients who want to immerse deeper into having a mindful culture in their community.

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Want to join us but don’t live in NYC?
Our BEtime meditation kits allow for exactly that!

We invite you to get comfy on our amazing meditation cushions, feel hugged by our weighted blankets, indulge in aromatherapy through our candles and room sprays and join us in meditation through our guided content. Join the BEtime family. 

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