We are much more than just a static content platform or app. BEtime Circle is an online community + content space where you'll find a growing on-demand library of guided meditations + sound baths, plus access to live classes and workshops.

It's an interactive space where you can connect with like-minded people who are in their mindfulness journey and be supported + motivated in your practice.

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Corporate + Event Experiences

Bring mindfulness into your offices or events with our BEtime meditation classes and programs. Our meditation experiences offer the tools and skillsets your people need to help reduce stress and burnout, making way for happier, more productive work days.

Our team of certified instructors have years of experience teaching in corporate and group settings and will bring a well-deserved breather so that your team and participants can reset their mindsets and immerse in deeper focus, creativity and connection.

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BEtime Live Classes

Our live virtual classes the perfect space for you to take a moment from your busy day and reconnect with yourself. Be guided in simple yet powerful meditations to help you learn and support your practice.

Have access to our experienced instructors who can answer your questions and share space with a community of people in their meditation journey.



Mobile Meditation Studio

Our one-of-a-kind Mobile Studio seeks to offer an all-encompassing multi-sensory experience.

Our serene yet transformative environment allows you to breathe deep and silence the mind. The bus elevates your from the pavement and exports you to an urban escape. Once you step in, the noise and chatter of the city fade.  

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