What kind of meditation does BEtime offer? 

BEtime focuses on offering a purely secular approach to meditation. We are all about going back to basics. We bring in core meditation techniques, presented as different thematic focus, to provide a variety of approaches for you to experience and try out as part of your meditation journey. Our instructors are with you to gently guide you through each class and answer any questions you might have of the process.

What should I expect from a class?

You can expect a unique fully immersive multi-sensory meditation experience. A 20+ minute classes in alluring, calm and inspiring environment. Our goal is for the newbie and the expert to feel like they belong.  It is a guided practice led by our knowledgable teachers. It is up to you to get what you want from the class. Stick to what fits your style or step out of your comfort zone and explore. Come with an open mind and let the breath take you there.

Do I need to wear something specific? 

Nope - just Be you!  Our classes are designed to be as efficient and convenient for you as possible to provide you with an unexpected but very much needed city break. So come as you are.

Do I have to sit cross legged?

We welcome you to sit anyway your lovely self desires. Happy body happy mind.  Aside from our regular meditation cushions setting, chairs and back-jacks are available for you.

What if I can’t stop thinking?  

We’ve been there and totally understand.  it happens all the time. An important part of the process of meditation is noticing your mind wonder and bringing it back to your breath. That moment of awareness and brining back IS the practice. Don’t be hard on yourself simply trust the process and let yourself Be.

What are #meditationforthepeople days?

We are all about inviting people to experience themselves in meditation and holding people in our unique environments during their practice. Because we cater mainly to corporate, retail, hospitality, schools and brand activations we created #meditationforthepeople days where we pop-up somewhere in the city and offer free meditation classes to anyone and everyone to experience. You can learn about our next one by flowing us @betimepractice We all deserve a breather.

Do you offer one on one classes?

We do!  Just contact us at meditate@betimepractice.com

Is the BEtime mobile studio an actual bus?

Yes we are!  Think of it as a meditation studio on wheels. An unexpected urban sanctuary in the middle of the city.

Does the mobile studio move while we are in class?

The bus is at a complete standstill during all classes. The wheels simply come into play in order to cater to a city wide group of individuals who are all for disconnecting from the urban bustle and reconnecting with themselves through meditation. We come to you. 

Relax. Reset. Restore. Renew.