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meditation for the people

With meditation comes inner power.

We are on a mission to get you meditating and use that inner power to create an impactful change in the way you approach work + relationships + life. We want you to discover a more fluid, creative and joyful way to live, mindfully.

We keep things simple for you, cutting down to basics in our wellness-based guided classes and keeping it as practical as meditation is meant to be: just you and your breath + some techniques to help you focus, stay grounded and expand your mindset.

An invitation to disconnect from the outside chatter and reconnect with yourself.

BEtime = Your time to just BE.


How we do it

to reconnect

We believe that the power of focused human connection under the same intention & a deliberate meditation practice generates a more mindful community.

We aim to create a space for reconnecting with ourselves and each other, mindfully. To support each other on our journey in discovering a more mindful approach to our daily routines. To transform the way we experience our lives through mindfulness and meditation, together.

We invite you to make BEtime your meditation space and to join the movement.