Living in New York can be very hectic. After all, it is the city that never sleeps. Every day millions of people commute to work, visit the city’s iconic locations and run never-ending errands. Dealing with work, personal life and everyday tasks in such a busy place can throw you out of balance. How do you cope with everyday stressors and anxiety-inducing events? Meditation has been used for thousands of years to help cope with anxiety, depression, and everyday stress. We invite you to read on and learn more about the benefits meditation can bring to your life.


Meditation is defined in many different ways. However, every explanation or definition leads up to the same result: stillness and calmness of the mind. To provide a more scientific description of this concept, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines meditation as a mind and body practice historically used for boosting relaxation and enhancing overall balance and health. Meditating requires a combination of environmental and physical elements that create the perfect setting to release stress and anxiety.

The good news is everybody can enjoy the benefits of meditation, beginners and experts alike. Meditation has been and will always be a lifestyle. Therefore, you should approach it with an open mind and positive attitude, knowing you can find a source for letting go of your worries and recharging your energy.


Whether you are new to meditation and need more information before deciding whether you should try it, or you’re a seasoned meditator looking for extra information – we present five proven benefits that can help everyone improve their overall wellbeing through daily meditation in New York City.

Improve Self-Awareness

Every person is a world of their own. You are entirely different from any other individual. Therefore, everybody develops and shapes a vision of themselves differently.

Sometimes, there are no tougher critics than ourselves – and the way we see ourselves has a tremendous impact on the world around us. Self-awareness is tied to what is known as “emotional intelligence,” a concept used to describe the way people perceive and evaluate their inner self. Mastering the practice of accepting who we are and managing our thought process can be difficult if we don’t know where to start. Self-awareness can be improved by regularly adding meditation to your everyday life.

Keep Your Brain Younger

A recent study conducted by neurologists at UCLA’s School of Medicine revealed that meditation could lead to “younger” brains. Specifically, this study aimed to study adults aged 50 years or more. The study revealed that long-term meditators presented younger brains compared to those who did not meditate. Additionally, the investigation found that “for every additional year over fifty, meditators’ brains were estimated to be an additional 1 month and 22 days younger than their chronological age.” The results obtained in the study demonstrate the importance of including meditation in our daily routine.

Help Manage Anxiety and Depression

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 15 million Americans face symptoms of depression on a yearly basis. Anxiety disorders often go hand-in-hand with depression and affect roughly the same amount of people who suffer from depression symptoms.

Dealing with unexpected or problematic situations can lead any person to feel helpless, unmotivated, frustrated, hopeless, and anxious. However, when life happens, one of the best ways to approach a problem is to step back, take a deep breath and find a solution. By helping you recognize and observe your emotions, mindfulness meditation can help you manage stress and anxiety in a peaceful, healthy way. This particular type of meditation focuses on teaching participants to fix their thought in the present, letting go of the past and avoiding stress about the future. Meditating can place you in a better position to cope with and manage the stressors in your daily life.

Improve Focus and Concentration

There are more distractions than a person can handle in today’s world – especially in New York City. Television, video games, internet, and smartphones are just a few examples of things that keep our mind and time busy.

With so many distractions occupying our mind at the same time, our attention span can decrease dramatically. Meditating can help boost your attention span and focus. A study published by the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement suggested that “intensive and continued meditation is associated with enduring improvements in sustained attention.” Fundamentally, adopting meditation as part of your lifestyle can improve your sense of awareness and focus.

Manage Blood Pressure

The CDC reports that about 75 million adults suffer from high blood pressure in the United States. Out of the millions of individuals suffering from this condition, almost 50% don’t treat it. If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to a stroke. However, daily meditation may be able to reduce the risk.

For instance, a recent 2018 study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine took 67 participants (men and women, of approximately 19 years of age) and held a 13-week program. Participants were divided into three groups: meditative relaxation, yoga, and a control group. The research indicated that out of all participants, those who were designated “high hypertensive participants significantly decreased both systolic and diastolic blood pressure by the end of” the 13-week period.


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