Blissfully Simple Gratitude Meditations: From The Pros


November is the month of gratitude! It’s the perfect excuse to sit down, take a deep breath, and reflect on what you’re grateful for.

Performing this simple act of thankfulness is a form of meditation known as gratitude meditation. Reflecting on people and events that make your life brighter does more than just put a smile on your face – it’s also a great way to practice mindfulness.

For inspiration, we asked meditation instructors in New York City to share some of their favorite meditations to foster gratefulness. Embrace the season of appreciation with these two easy, do-anywhere gratitude meditations:

1. Gratitude Visualization Meditation

by Erica Sergott of BEtime Practice

2. Simple, Accessible Gratitude Meditation

by Jere Davis of Sky Ting Yoga

3. Short Gratitude Meditation

by Lodro Rinzler of MNDFL


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