What’s Next: Wellness

BEtime, New York:

“Meditation is where yoga was 10 years ago,” explains Carla Hammond, who recently launched mobile meditation and relaxation studio Be Time. “Many have heard about it but haven’t had the chance to experience it or don’t know how to go about it.”

The handiwork of London- and Mexico City-based Aidia Studio, Be Time’s tricked-out bus—which offers 15 and 30 minutes sessions throughout the day—is outfitted with 15,000 chromotherapy LED lights; curved, perforated metal walls; and wood plank floors for a cocoon effect. “It is [just] as important to take care of our minds as our bodies,” Hammond says, pointing to the myriad benefits of meditation including increased productivity, creativity, focus, and happiness. She is also experimenting with pop-up brick-and-mortar locations, with one currently in the James NoMad Hotel and soon, WeWork.